Wednesday, May 30, 2012


 We have a new (for us) herd of Alpacas. Four females, we bought the two males from the herd in November. We just got the females this month. This is Pearl, she has some food stuck in her teeth.

This is Dee. She is due to have a baby, soon.   

 Hubby and I think Spice looks like a
sheep dog from the WB cartoons. She
is due also at the end of the month,
like now.
This is Crescendo she is over due to have a baby. She was due in early May. We are waiting.
And not very patiently, I might add

 This is Pearl again looking all glamorous and white before she got food stuck in her teeth.

I decided to try this photo in black and white, I really like it this way, but...
 I love it warmed up.

Isn't Pearly-girl so cute?

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