Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Brand New Shiny Blog for a Brand New Shiny Camera

Fir the past seven years I have been using either an 30 year old Pentax Spotmatic F or a 3 meg Sony Cybershot to capture memories and other images that tickle my fancy. I don't shoot with the Pentax often as film can be expensive. Most of the time I use that trusty little cybershot

Last week that faithful little camera died, I suspect the lens drive motor died or the gears in it broke. I plan to investigate as soon as I have time to do an autopsy.

I can't complain, five years is a good life for a digital camera. I have plenty of pictures I would not have had, and I saved a ton on film developing. I learned to compensate for the camera's limitations, and I learned to utilize PhotoShop. All in all it was a successful jump into the digital world.

My wonderful husband of 11 years, replaced the afore mentioned dead cybershot, with the Nikon D40!!! So here I sit, shiny new blog, for a shiny new camera. I have plenty to learn, and I figured I'd start here.

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